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Experienced engineer programme

There’s some formidable technology involved in security tech. Everything from secure networking, robotics and remote sensing to advanced MIS, AI and stuff we simply can’t talk about.

And it’s mostly a recession and pandemic-proof industry. Businesses can’t skimp on protection and the opportunities for technicians and engineers remain immense. Growing fast, the security tech industry is crying out for skilled people. That’s where you, and Zitko Talent, come in.

This new programme provides fast-track entry for technicians and engineers from other industries. It’s a partnership between employers, manufacturers, industry bodies and accredited security tech training companies.

Lasting for 12 months, the programme will add to your existing knowledge and skills; giving you the technical training, product certifications and awareness needed to get started. 

Just to be clear, everything is funded by the industry. You won't pay anything for your training, and you’ll be a salaried employee from day one.

Here are the key elements:

  • 12-months’ paid employment with your host company, providing structured experience and plenty of hands-on work;
  • A salary while training of £20-30K
  • 125 hours’ accredited security technical training (classroom and distance)
  • Around 160 hours of manufacturer-provided training on the systems your host company uses;
  • Industry recognised certification in up to six security systems;
  • One-to-one mentoring and support from your host and from the Zitko team.

The programme packs several year’s training and development into 12 months. It’s going to be intense, but it’s going to change your life.

Who is this programme for?

Zitko Talent is aimed mostly at technicians and engineers in applied engineering industries.  That could be anything from aerospace or automotive maintenance to construction, electrical/mechanical installation repair to IT or telecom engineering.

Your existing skills are likely to include the use of tools, use of test equipment, cabling or wiring, mechanical assembly and working to/from plans. And you’ve probably gained at least some certificates in your present field, maybe on the products or tools you use. School qualifications though are not essential. 

Beyond this we’re looking for great problem-solvers who are quick learners, happy to travel and want to progress to more senior engineering roles in a well-paid industry.

The opportunity’s right here and waiting…

Your future in security tech

For security tech engineers and technicians, on-site work is a constant feature of the job. Every week will bring something different.

Quite where you work will depend on your company’s business. A significant number of participating employers operate across Europe and some go much further afield. That said, there are plenty of opportunities to work regionally or nationally if that suits your life plan better.

On completing the programme, you can expect an immediate salary rise to £30-40K, but that’s just the start of your career and earnings trajectory. Installation engineers typically progress into commissioning, project engineering and specialist support roles or into operational management. 

There’s a high proportion of engineers in Board level positions across the industry, so if leadership appeals to you the career path’s there.

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Zitko Talent

  • School Leaver

    School Leaver

    If you love programming, mechanics, building, electronics, inventing, model-making or any kind of tech, you’re going to love this. The Zitko Talent programme starts with a year’s training, in a paid job with a quality employer. 


  • Graduate


    The Zitko Talent graduate programme provides fast-track entry to security tech. It’s a partnership between employers, manufacturers, industry bodies and accredited security tech training companies. 


  • Ex-Forces


    Right now, there’s a significant shortage of skilled technicians and engineers to work on security tech projects worldwide. This is where you, and Zitko Talent, come in.


  • Career Changer

    Career Changer

    If you’re handy with tools, are a good problem-solver and most of all really love tech, we can give you the key to an amazing career.


  • Experienced Engineer

    Experienced Engineer

    Want more from your technical career? Growing fast, the security tech industry is crying out for skilled people like you. Find out more today.




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However you identify, whatever your background, you’re welcome here. 

You’ll find all the details and inspiration you need in our Talent programme guides. Let us know what stage you’re at in your career and we’ll send you the most relevant information. 

Thank you.

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